Feb. 6th, 2011

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My favorite male character; Hands down, Lolonoa Zoro.
My favorite female character; A bit harder, but I'll say~ Laki ^^
My least favorite character; Enel's and Spandam's lovechild...
The character that looks the most like me: ...Conis? Or! I bet there's a mermaid or amazon who looks a little like me!
The character I find the most attractive; Duh, Lolonoa Zoro XD
And three more characters that I like; Tonytony Chopper, Jimbei, Fisher Tiger 

Lolonoa Zoro; I do not drink, but I do train hard to become something! it's just that I'm training with flowers at school and he with swords on a boat...
Laki: I'm not a cool woman capable pf fighting in a war, but I do care very much about those I want to protect.
Enel's and Spandam's lovechild: I do not make people want to kill me, at least I hope so. And we have nothing in common.
Conis or random amazon/mermaid: We're both blonde and like music. Though, I can't really play anything or sing XD
Tonytony Chopper: We both get embarrassed very easily and feel a strong need to take care of those around us. I don't have a blue nose or antlers ;w;
Jimbei: I'm not a fish, but I love to hug and he looks VERY hugable.
Fisher Tiger: ... I hate slavery and racism and would help even those I hate if they were put through hell .w.

4. Finally, repost to your own journal so that I can give a series to you!

My het OTP: Kohza X Vivi
My slash OTP: Zoro X Sanji
My femslash OTP: Robin X Nami
My endgame OTP: Kohza X Vivi, Luffy X Nami
My original OTP: Kohza X Vivi
My crack OTP: Zeff X Kureha
My guilty pleasure OTP: Doflamingo X Croscodile
My anti-OTP: Luffy X Hancock

Tommorrow I might write notes on these... Please give me more fandoms, you other dudes! ;w;

(What do you think of my new Moods, btw? ;D)


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