Mar. 23rd, 2011

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The dear women's magazine ([ profile] amelia_seyroon) gave me five new questions, here's the answers! Anyone can ask me five questions, it's fun to answer them ^^

1. What are you doing with your life right now? :O

Currently I'm studying to become a florist and hoping that I'll get to go the last semester (next fall) for free, so I can get the journeyman's certificate. Also, I'm trying to get my economy together so I can go on World Scout Jamboree 2011, my prom and UppCon 2011 (Sweden's biggest manga/anime convention >w<).

2. How did you get into One Piece?

... A male friend all but forced me to read it and borrowed me his printed books XD I honestly thought it was drawn horribly (still think so about the beginning), but I got hooked and pretty soon I had read more than him on the internet.

3. How did you know you were bisexual?

I fell in love with my best friend .w. She's a girl and as straight as they come, though.  When I was small I was also kinda homophobic, and don't they say homophobes are just afraid of their own sexuality? I blame my dad on that last part, even if I'm completely fine with it now.

4. Single or in a relationship?

Sadly single... I would love to have a boy- or girlfriend to snuggle with.


Me and [ profile] sweden_chan mapped it all out some time ago... the Mugiwaras will find One Piece. Sanji will open a restaurant in All blue and the Fish Riders will fly people there, Zoro will defeat Mihawk and start a dojo while looking for promising challengers, Usopp will become a great writer and Nami will marry him for the money, leaving him poor and divorced. But he'll re-marry with Kaya. Chopper finds a medicine which cures all illness and Robin and Franky will live happily ever after.

Dragon will also succeed in overthrowing the WG, but leave it to Iva to rule along with his queen/king Inazuma. The Strawhat will be passed on to that baby Makino has been seen holding and Luffy wíll run away on new adventures.

And the following video is off-topic, but awesome.

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Think about a world, like ours. Now, make almost all the women into men and make everyone capable of reproducing both by giving birth and impregnating another "man". That is the most basic way to describe the world 'We were like brothers' are set in, a world with almost no females.

Females is a different race, and interbreeding over the races produces boys known as 'Childs', born with some kind of supernatural power, different for every Child. Though, the females are extremely rare and seen as an exotic pet by many a man. So what happens when two freelancing agents for the Government takes a mission to save a young Woman, but instead of turning it in to its owner, decides to keep it?
That is the basic story. That is how Kiba Kagami's and Takeshi Hiwatari's relationship starts to change, from being like brothers and carousing around, to realizing that their feelings for each other are going deeper than they think as they settle down for the first time in their grown-up lives.

If you would like to get to know these two, then they got facebook. Yes, I don't have a facebook for myself, but for my OC. Which is Takeshi, btw, the tsundere who never would go anywhere without his fedora. Currently, Kiba has [spoiler] ) and Takeshi is [spoilers] ). Now that LJ allowed it, I've added links to their facebooks, feel free to add them! (Especially Kiba, he's the most social one. Though, Takeshi only acts rude against Kiba...)


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