May. 10th, 2011

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Well, dudes and dudettes... Apparently it's my birthday today Ô__o

Why yes, the reindeer is turning 19, and it doesn't feel that horrible like it did when I turned 18 -w- Instead, I'm running around lika a chicken without a head over graduating in 10 days 8D

Seriously, I've been so busy getting that fact into my head that I just remembered yesterday that it was my birthday today > >'

*feels very ego going on about this* Uhm... >////<

UppCon might be a possibility, in case I get a work there, since the payment fucked up for [ profile] sweden_chan who was the one in charge of our hotell tickets and her own ticket. They disappeared into thin air. Poff. But if we can work in the sleeping halls, then everything is fixed~ Sleeping quarters and free entry to the convention 8D

I might as well continue to blabber on, eh? It's about something I've been thinking about writing here for quite some time, after reading other persons opinions on the uke-seme relation. I think the most who reads this journal knows that I'm bi (I wish I had some girl to have something on with too, instead of just guys! TT^TT) and I'm with everyone who says that's there's no Man or Woman in a homosexual relationship. Heck, I don't even think you can apply the traditional roles to straight couples all the time >__>'

Which brings me to fanfiction (My mind works like this, deal with it XD) and what I think about how characters are portrayed and what roles they are put in. And all I can say is, in my fics, you'll probably never see Sanji top Zoro. But wait, didn't I just say that there's no Man or Woman in a homosexual relationship?

Yes, yes I did. It's just that I have a hard time writing something that doesn't, to be honest, turn me on. I prefer Zoro topping (as seme), him as an uke is just boring for me to read. Not even[info]stark_black could make me enjoy uke!Zoro! And if she can't, then no one can...

So, just assume that he's topping in the sex I don't write down, 'kay? This applies to other couples I ship, like SmoAce, AceLu and hell-knows-what, anyone can top! I just have preferences and don't like to read/write some characters as ukes/semes, that does not mean that I'm against them to also have a dominant role in the relation.

Zoro may like being a uke, but I'll only give him the pleasure of being a seme, he'll just have to deal with it (=w=)b Like all other people.

And I think this was one of my longest posts ever! Thank you Amelia for the present! It was wonderful, really not something I expected but something I really appreciated~


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