Aug. 12th, 2011

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Day 73: A song that reminds you of a past event in your life. (what is the event).

This reminds me of the times I spent with my three "wives", celebrating birthdays and so. ;w;

Day 74: A song from a genre of music you don't know much about? (what genre?)

Ska? I just don't get it. =/

Day 75: A good duo song.

Just one?

Day 76: A wierd song.

Day 77: A song by an artsit born or lives close to where you live. (where do you live?)

Heeeeh!? Ô____o Do we have any arti- Oh, right, Takida!

Day 78: A song that was number one from the same year you were 10.

2002... I don't know if it's a number one, but I really remember this song and have fond memories of it.

Day 79: A song from an artist/band that has a weird dress sense.

Oh-ho-ho. I could so say Lady Gaga here. So I'll take Lordi instead. Love these guys.

Day 80: An ABBA song.

My fav then~

Day 81: An 80's pop song by an artist who thinks he's/she's really cool.

This doesn't really make sense, but I get to play a 80's song! 8D

Day 82: The National Anthem should be changed to this song.

... *shrugs* No opinion.

Day 83: A song with good artwork on the single/album cover sleeve. (if album, what album?)

Gregorian Choir - Modern Hits

The song cover of the 'In the moment of our love'. *can't find on Youtube*

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Day 84: A song that reminds you of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

Skymning rår reminds me of my first boyfriend.

Day 85: A song that will get you on the dance floor.

Or dance mat... >w>

Day 86: A song by a gay/lesbian artist you like.

I love this movie! I love this artist! I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG! ;W;

Day 87: A funny song that a bride sohuld walk down the aisle to.

Funny and funny...

Day 88: A song by an artist/band you hate.

I don't hate artists or bands. D: But I've never really gotten hooked on the Beatles, I guess... *feels bad*

Day 89: We would win the next Eurovision if this was our song.

Sorry, ask Takeshi if you want any bets. >w>

Day 90: A song you next want to buy/download.

Some Roger Pontare~

Day 91: A song for a romantic dinner.


Day 92: A good song for a break up.

Day 93: A ska song.

Look up older post, I'm lazy now again~

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