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Who is...

1.) Your loudest character?
Definitely Kyowara Yukio. That little loudmouthed wolf makes up for his size with his voice, so to say. XD

2.) Your shyest?
Takeshi Hiwatari. He is shy and got giant trust-issues, and hides it all behind aloofness and being anti-social.

3.) Your angriest?
Liam Patrick O'Farrell, a fiery redhead.

4.) Your horniest?
... Let's just say all my boys have a healthy appetite for sex. >w>

5.) Your poorest?
Sabiel. His most expensive belonging is an ink-pencil...

6.) Your richest?
Zion, he got a fortune in pearls he has fished up.

7.) Your craziest?
Well, Kurogawa Arashi constantly hears the thoughts and dreams of everyone around him, and it's taking it's tool on his mind... Thank God for a certain Englishman.

8.) Your weirdest?
Oh my God... Wade. An amphibian-mammal from a moon's moon? He needs to drink A LOT and needs to wet his skin often too. Though a lot of them are strange...

9.) Most sadistic?
Easily Arashi.

10.) Most masochistic?
My baby Sabiel. Might be a reason to why he's a "failed" Ink...?

11.) Your book-smartest?
Takeshi Hiwatari. The guy made a thing out of having high scores on every subject, without that much troubles, just to prove himself.

12.) Your street-smartest?
Tie between Sabiel, Liam and Takeshi. All of them knows their way around the streets, so to say.

13.) Your most positive?

Yukio. Definitely. He's a little dreamer and bounces right back up again when thrown down. Or at least does his best to do so.

14.) Your most pessimistic?
Zion, being deaf and a constantly hungry vampire gives him quite the dark outlook on life.

15.) The best with money?
Tie between Takeshi and Zion. Both are really economic, the first since he never has had much, the last since he's a little greedy... >w>

16.) Most wasteful?
Aaron the angel. Not that he wastes as it is a sin, but he would give everything he had for the sake of others.


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