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1. Bring me one of your OCs.
2. Make him/her/it answer my questions truthfully~
3. Tag some other Creators at the end.

I hope I'll get him across~

1. Hello there little OC, please tell me your name, age, sexual orientation and what story you come from.

¤ Hello. My name is Michael Ewans, I'm 20 years old, demisexual (apparently... >///>') and the story I come from doesn't really have name yet. I think it's called "The Moon's Play", though.

2. I see, I see. Now, what do you enjoy in life?

¤ Listening to techno, playing video games, going to the theater and writing. The last two things is quite recent, though.

3. Nice. In the house/apartment/forest/whatever you live in, where are your favorite spot?

¤ In my parents' house? Well, my own room, or my little brother's, since he has the TV-console. I'll move soon, though, and I don't know what will turn out to be my favorite spot there. >///>'

4. Is there any spot you dislike?

¤ The kitchen, it always feels like I'm in the way there.

5. Talking about living, do you live with someone? What is your relation?

¤ I live with my mom, dad and little brother. Relation... Well, I want to move as soon as possible, since it's starting to get tense.

6. Now, who are closest to you in the whole world? What do you like the most about them?

¤ I'm not really close to anyone. Sam, maybe? We talk a lot about different stuff, and he's very open-minded and accepting.

7. And is there anything you'd want to change about them?

¤ Not really, but maybe it would be nice if he didn't insist on calling me "his cute little dork"...

8. Gosh, now we've been talking forever about that guy/gal/thing, please tell me what you like the most about yourself!

¤ About me? Uhm... I'm good at video-games. >///>'

9. That IS kinda cool! But be honest now, what's your worst trait?

¤ I am more socially awkward than a rock... IIIOTL

10. Mm, but remember that nothing is perfect. So, what do you do for a living?

¤ Well, right now I'm working at LEVEL, a musical store.

11. Do you believe in God?

¤ Somewhat...?

12. How about sex, are you still a virgin? If not, who did you lose your virginity to, your current partner?

¤ Still a virgin... >////>'

13. If I say peanuts, what do you say?

¤ Can I get them with chili?

14. Sushi?

¤ Uh, never tried... *skeptical*

15. What are you planning to do in the future?

¤ Write and publish books....

16. If you could get the true answer to one question, what would you ask?

¤ Why must we humans be so fascinated by love and sex?

17. We’ll keep going with the random stuff some more, how do you sleep?

¤ I don't think that's any of your business.

18. Now let’s get serious, what do you think of your Creator?

¤ Well, she's nice, I guess. A little muddled, like me.

19. Is there anything you’d want to change in your story?

¤ I was happy not experiencing sexual attraction, thank you very much. It just confuses me even more. >////<

20. Now please tag some Creators so I can get to know some more OCs~

¤ [livejournal.com profile] chibikanakonyu...? 


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