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He stared down at the glass in his hand, watching the amber liquor move around in it as he tipped the glass, barely paying attention to his friend's ranting. After all, he knew what it was all about, and it made him sigh. Lifting his tired gaze to the other's frustrated one, he spoke without much interest or support in his voice, utterly tired of all this.

"I say, just go down on her more. Or buy her jewelry, take her to fancy restaurants."

"Man, you're really not helping here..!" He watched the angry expression that crossed over the man's face, before it turned back to frustrated and desperate. His own remained blank. How many times had he felt the same thing...?

"Sorry, but I can't say much more." He shrugged a little, and lifted the heavy glass to his lips, tipping his head back to drink of the whiskey. "Ya >knew< I wouldn't say more, so you shouldn't have called me in the first if you don't like it."

"But you're-"

"Her ex, and I think you are starting to guess why now, eh?" The grin that spread over his lips then wasn't a nice one, no, it was grim and nasty at the same time. "That bitch sucks you dry, with no second thought at all."

"But I... I love her...! What am I supposed to do!?" As he listened to man's panicked and begging tone, his face relaxed into a smile, looking at the other with a tired look in his eyes.

"Then love her, give her everything and take whatever she gives. Not much more to do."

"I know, but... I just feel so powerless, ya know?"

"I do." He nodded a little, before scooting his chair back so he could stand up. "But, that's love and women for you, we can't do jackshit against either. And I have to go now, work's calling."

"'Kay. Thanks fer listening, at least..." With that small smile still in place, he reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, before retrieving two bills from it, which he reached out with towards the other.

"Here, tonight's booze is on me, you poor bastard."

"Haha, I'm not >that< poor yet." The action had the desired effect, as he watched a small grin play over his friend's lips, mirth glinting in his eyes. "Now get out of here, before more people wants free liquor."

"I will, I will. Just don't drown yourself now!" He laughed a little as he walked towards the door and waved over his shoulder to the still sitting man. He knew the other would pull through, he always did. So he could leave him be to some beer, to instead follow his own trail towards the center of town, and the races there.

After years of pleasing others, he was now living his own dream...


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