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It was another of those utterly calm days, something he was happy for, since he still didn't feel well after his days home in fever. So as he stood there at the counter, marking the newest Nickelback albums with their price he felt relaxed, humming along with the songs by the aforementioned band which played in the speakers.

Though as he heard the small bell above the door jingle when someone entered, he looked up with a small smile and; "Hello."

"Yo." He kept smiling as he watched the young man who walked directly to the rock and punk section, even though the guy's looks somewhat scared him. His hair was clearly styled and dyed in a bright pink color, which in a way contrasted and complimented his many piercings in his ears and face. Michael knew well that he shouldn't stare, but he couldn't help but count the metallic pieces, and got to twelve...

The thought of letting a needle pierce your skin twelve times made him shiver a little, and he looked away from the guy to return to his task at hand. But his attention was soon brought back to the other, as he heard heavy boots walk closer to the desk.

"Excuse me, but do you have- Ah, can I borrow one of the 'When we stand together' albums? A'wanna listen to it before I buy it." He watched the teens face go from pondering to expectant, a wide grin making his pierced lips show teeth. Though, then he pushed his own uneasiness aside, and pushed up his glasses a little.

"Of course." He nodded a little, then picked up one of the albums meant for the shop and handed it to the other, while nodding to the left. "Here you go, the headphones and players are over there."

"Thanks man." For a moment when the punk-styled man smiled, he couldn't help but smile back, a little shocked by the positive energy he emitted. Though, the biggest shock came when he was marking the albums again, and he suddenly heard the lyrics to the latest big single of the Canadian band ring through the shop.

"The right thing to guide us is right here inside us~ No one can divide us, when the light is nearly gone~"

Of course he knew it was the guy with the pink hair who sang, since there was no one else there. But could he sing... Michael had to close his eyes for a moment, just enjoying the way the words rolled from the young man's tongue. He usually wasn't a fan of Nickelback, but this person sang the lyrics with such feeling that he couldn't help but feel that he really understood what the song was all about.

"Uhm, excuse me again? I'd like to buy one of these." He was jolted from that small trance and train of thought when the pink-haired was standing before him, waving the album in the air. Then he grew awkward again, stuttering a little as he answered.

"O-of course! Sorry, I got a little lost in thought..." He accepted the borrowed album, and then picked up one of the unmarked ones, before he put the price for it on the cash register and asked for the amount from the other.

"Thanks mate~" He watched the younger man grin big as he handed him the bag with the album, which was stuffed down into the guitar case on his back. As the guy turned to the door, waving a good bye over his shoulder, he waved back, not sure what to think about this customer. Especially not since as soon as he was out of the door, he seemed to speak to a very tall man, and then being lifted so they could k-kiss...

At that, Michael turned back to the box with the albums, and picked up the price-marker again. Back to work, back to regular routines. Don't let the punks who kisses their boyfriends in the open disturb you...

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