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Title: It's only a game (So why are you afraid?)
Characters: Gajeel and Levy
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, nor have I created the artwork that inspired this piece of writing.
Summary: Levy has a test coming up, and her new boyfriend has just come over. What a girl to do when he starts to disturb the study-peace by playing around with her pocky?
A/N: Inspired by this artwork, and set in an AU where the cast all attends an art school. Gajeel studies sculpting with focus on metal and Levy studies writing with focus on fiction. 8D

"What's taking you so long?"

Gajeel's slightly drawling voice came from over at the bed, where he sat and leaned against the wall, his red eyes following the pen that Levy moved over the paper. He had came over here about 20 minutes ago, thinking that they could spend some quality time together. But no, his girlfriend had some stupid test to study to, so she couldn't. Not that that stopped him from staying here until she was done...

"Not. Yet!" She turned to look at him over her shoulder, a half-eaten choco-pocky in her hand. "And I won't be done any sooner just because you ask me all the time."

"Hn." He just grunted, and the sighed and looked out of the window. From Levy's window in the dorm, you could see the library down the hill, a view fitting for the girl who studied writing and literature. "Well, I'm bored."

The blue haired girl didn't even bother to answer that, no, instead she continued to leaf through the book she was currently reading, to collect information about Astrid Lindgren's early works. The essay was due in two days, and she had been distracted by the party that Natsu threw that weekend, so she really needed to work.

So she just munched thoughtfully on the pocky while she scribbled down a note, not really noticing how Gajeel stood up from the bed and walked up behind her. Though, when he bent down to look over her shoulder, his long black hair tickling her bare skin, she jumped a little and looked up at him with a slightly scared expression. "D-don't do that!"

Her small outburst was ignored, just like his comment about him being bored. "Whacha eating?"

"Eh? Uhm, pocky." When she spoke, she mumbled a little and felt her cheeks start to grow a little warmer from a blush. Though she quickly tried to hide it, and lifted the box with small bread sticks peeking up from it towards her boyfriend."You want some?"

"Pocky..." When the pierced man looked down at the box, a wide grin spread over his face. He just remembered something Juvia had said about those candies... "Ey, wanna play a game?"

"Game...? Gajeel, I have homework to do!" She frowned as he scolded him, though there was a small pout on her lips too.

"Yeah-yeah, this won't take long." He just kept grinning as he took a pocky from the red box, and turned it around so he had the non-chocolate end between his teeth. "Ever played the pocky game?"

"The po- No, and I don't have time for it!" Then, she definitely blushed and pouted as she turned back to her book, irritated at herself and at the man beside. Since even if she wanted to play, she still had this essay to write. And school always had to come first, if she wanted money to live on. Though, when Gajeel spoke again, she stilled for a moment, before turning to him once more.

"What, you chicken?"

"I-I'm not!" She knew she was blushing hard then, since she knew very well that the pocky game was just an excuse for making out over a piece of candy.

"Then what's the problem? Just one round, come on~" He wiggled the pocky between his lips in a taunting way, and leaned forward to brace his hand on the surface of the table, bringing the choco close to Levy's lips. He watched her struggle with herself, and how her eyes darted between the candy and her homework, before finally settling for his own red eyes.

"Just one round..." The words were a mix between a mumble and stubborn whisper, but they still made him keep grinning as he placed the chocolate to her mouth. As she started to munch on it, he began too, all the while keeping up the eye contact.

There was something taunting in his gaze, almost challenging her to give up and instead go on with her essay. Which only made her more determined to keep going, as she gripped at his shirt and took another bite of the sweet treat. Inch by inch, their lips got closer and closer, until they let their eyes fall closed and kissed each other while having a small battle for the last piece of pocky.

When they pulled away, slowly, Gajeel was still grinning. "How about another round...?"

Levy had her eyes look over her desk one more time, before looking back at her boyfriend who licked the traces of chocolate of his lips. "Maybe just one more..."

Who wants to study anyway?


I'm sorry, Dragon, but I couldn't work in Pantherlily in the story. My muse wouldn't have it. ;^;'

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