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"Ne, Michael~" He tried to ignore the slightly slurry and honey-coated voice as it came closer to his ear, even if he leaned away. No, no matter what he did, the girl kept leaning again him, smiling. "You're really cuuuute~ Can I touch your haaair~?"

"N-no thanks..." His own voice was somehow more sure than usual, his eyes glued to the can in his hands. All around them, there were people drinking from similar cans, cans filled with bubbly liquid that made their steps tipsy and judgement cloudy. Maybe it didn't even taste that good, but they didn't care.

"Aaaaaawww! You meanie... I reaaaaally like you, you knoooow~"

"I'm not interested..." He all but muttered the words, and then took another gulp of the cider. He couldn't remember why he was at this party, or why these girls were interested in him, and he didn't want to care. Though, what happened after that made him freeze completely, almost spilling the drink. A hand with slender fingers and long nails had found it's way to his thigh, stroking the inside of it slowly, slowly going towards his groin.

"Hun, everyone is interested..." But no matter what reaction the girl had expected with that direct approach, she surely didn't expect the one she got. Since Michael suddenly jolted and all but pushed her aside, all the while staring at her with horrified and shocked eyes. "Wh-whaaaaa?"

"I-" He almost panted, and scrambled to his feet as he spook. "I told you I wasn't interested...!"

His suddenly loud voice made people turn to look at him, confused and drunk gazes directed in his way. He didn't notice.

"You just...!"

"Aw, Michael, I was just trying to have some fuuuun." On the other hand, he was fully aware of the way the girl on the floor looked at him, at how he could still feel her hand on him, still feel her stinking breath on his skin. And it made his stomach turn.

"I don't want your fun, since you disgust me...!!" He stared at her with eyes that mirrored his angry tone, and the feeling inside of him, before he turned to leave. Not thinking about it, he dropped the can he had held in his hands on the floor, not caring a bit since there were already worse things on the floor.

Instead, he got to the hall and got his jacket, then walked out the door and into the night....


I'm not happy with the end, but couldn't make it any better ATM... Will most likely re-write some day. -.-'

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