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Day 97: If they made a film about my life, this would be the end credits song.

As cheesy as it is... I was going to go with 'Himlen är oskyldigt blå' (The sky is innocently blue), since I feel that it'd fit. But in the end, I don't really like what's expected. And this song just... The poetry of it speaks tons to me and I just love the girl's voice. ;w;

Day 98: I dedicate this song to a friend of mine. (who is the friend?)

... ONE!? God, I have so many people I love so, so dearly... And so many songs I want to give them! 'You are loved (Don't give up)' by Josh Groban, 'I will carry you' by Clay Aiken and 'Youn lift me up' by Cletic Woman.

But in the end I dedicate this to my oldest and dearest friend. [livejournal.com profile] sweden_chan, I'll stand by you, no matter what. Love you girl.

Day 99: Every child should listen to this song so they can learn to appreciate good music.

... Me? Good music? Oh God... XD Though, I think this one is a very good choice. :3

Day 100: I have completed 'The 100 Day Song Challenge', so for no reason I deserve to post this song, just because I can.


All the days~! )

Tonight I feel cool
tonight I feel good-looking.
I feel like partying hard,
I feel like quenching my thist.
So come one,
let's go!
I can do anything,
so I'll carry you if you're afraid.
Since back to back,
we will fight on.

^Sucky poem! 8D

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Day 95: A song you think would be hardest to learn to play on an instrument.

I guess this one could be advanced...? *never thought about it*

Day 96: How funny would it be if they played this in service station toilets.

Mm, it would be interesting indeed. >w>

The other 4 days~ )
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Day 94: A song by an artist/band that you think is over-rated.

Uhm... I'm feeling like I'm just repeating myself here... =/

The other 6 days~ )
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Day 84: A song that reminds you of an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.

Skymning rår reminds me of my first boyfriend.

Day 85: A song that will get you on the dance floor.

Or dance mat... >w>

Day 86: A song by a gay/lesbian artist you like.

I love this movie! I love this artist! I FREAKING LOVE THIS SONG! ;W;

Day 87: A funny song that a bride sohuld walk down the aisle to.

Funny and funny...

Day 88: A song by an artist/band you hate.

I don't hate artists or bands. D: But I've never really gotten hooked on the Beatles, I guess... *feels bad*

Day 89: We would win the next Eurovision if this was our song.

Sorry, ask Takeshi if you want any bets. >w>

Day 90: A song you next want to buy/download.

Some Roger Pontare~

Day 91: A song for a romantic dinner.


Day 92: A good song for a break up.

Day 93: A ska song.

Look up older post, I'm lazy now again~

The last 7 days~ )
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Day 73: A song that reminds you of a past event in your life. (what is the event).

This reminds me of the times I spent with my three "wives", celebrating birthdays and so. ;w;

Day 74: A song from a genre of music you don't know much about? (what genre?)

Ska? I just don't get it. =/

Day 75: A good duo song.

Just one?

Day 76: A wierd song.

Day 77: A song by an artsit born or lives close to where you live. (where do you live?)

Heeeeh!? Ô____o Do we have any arti- Oh, right, Takida!

Day 78: A song that was number one from the same year you were 10.

2002... I don't know if it's a number one, but I really remember this song and have fond memories of it.

Day 79: A song from an artist/band that has a weird dress sense.

Oh-ho-ho. I could so say Lady Gaga here. So I'll take Lordi instead. Love these guys.

Day 80: An ABBA song.

My fav then~

Day 81: An 80's pop song by an artist who thinks he's/she's really cool.

This doesn't really make sense, but I get to play a 80's song! 8D

Day 82: The National Anthem should be changed to this song.

... *shrugs* No opinion.

Day 83: A song with good artwork on the single/album cover sleeve. (if album, what album?)

Gregorian Choir - Modern Hits

The song cover of the 'In the moment of our love'. *can't find on Youtube*

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Let me tell you a little story that took place about two and a half year ago, during my first year in High School, in the computer class. Those leesongs were very relaxed for me, since I already knew what the teacher were teaching or learnt it very quickly. I by default ended those classes with reading the latest manga...

One of those classes, by cellphone suddenly started ringing and the teacher got irritated, of course, but I answered it. It was my dad. Who told me that my mom was at the hospital, but it wasn't life threatening. She just had cyst about 10 cm wide on her ovarian. Just.

(Anyhow, that's the reason to why I always carry my cellphone with me on vibration. If only the damn thing could vibrate a little more when I get a text.)

Now, why do I tell this? 'Cause my mom isn't in the best of shapes again, and I'm going away to the other end of the country for two weeks with little chance of getting home in case something happens. And couple that with what recently happened in Norway and that the Camp I'm going to is the biggest in the world...

It's only natural for me to be worried, right? Especially when I don't even know what I'll be doing as an IST and I only know two others there.


Day 72: A song from a soap star turned singer, you'd think no-one else will post. (Don't cheat by scrolling through previous posts).

A song from a what?

The other 28 days~ )
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Day 70: A song you'd sing when drunk.

I never get drunk... But I'd probably sing whatever comes to mind.

Day 71: A song by an artist with the same first/last name as you.

Maja Ivarsson, singer in 'The Sounds'. Never heard of before, but they were kinda good~

The other 29 days~ )
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Day 67: This is the first line from a song I like what is it? (Post line only).

In the night-light, do you see what you dream?

Day 68: A Queen song.

As always, I'll take my fav. Now what is my fav Queen-song...? Hmm, Another one bites the dust? Don't stop me now? I love those, but I think this is my favorite:

Day 69: A song with a sexy video.

So what if it's a slideshow? Most of the pics makes me drool a little and the song is just~ *w*

The other 31 days~ )
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Day 65: A song you want played at your funeral.

I have two, one Swedish and then this one:

Day 66: A Disney song.

JUST ONE!? *cries in dark corner*

This is from my favorite Disney movie, and I simply adore this song... But I wish I could choose the whole Tarzan soundtrack too, and more songs from Hunchback of Notre Dame and openings and Mulan and Princess and the Frog and... *goes on and on and on*

The other 34 days~ )
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Day 64: A song that you think hardly anyone on this page has heard before.

Well, here's an awesome Vocaloid song.

The other 36 days~ )
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Day 63: You got to listen to this song, it's wicked.

Wicked... *avoids obvious joke*

The other 37 days~ )
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Day 60: A song that has a dance that goes with it.

Oh, here we got an awesome one *w*

Day 61: I think this is the most famous song by an artist/band that I like.

kgjfkghfhgckhl, I love this song. And really, I think many people know this if someone starts singing on it. At least Swedes.

Day 62: Out of all the Christmas songs, I like this one the most.

I could have gone with the sad one, the one I think speaks the most about how Christmas has become. But this is the one i really like the most! It's a bit up-beat, still has seriousness and most importantly; HOPE!

The other 38 days~ )
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Day 59: For a laugh, I'd like to see someone choose this song for Karaoke.

... Do I need to explain this?

And of course, it has to be the kind of karaoke where you wear a costume to the song. Of course.

The other 41 days~ )
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Day 57: Best song out of the last 10 songs posted by other people on this page.

Love the movie, love the song.

Day 58: If I HAD to do Karaoke, this would be the song I'd choose.

Well, I can hit most of these notes right at Singstar and I like the song~

The other 42 days~ )
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More of that man from Atlantis who lives by the sea, has his brother's spirit in his mind and a habit of dressing as a woman. )


Day 55: A song from the last artist/band you did see live. (when where?)

General Knas... Just last Saturday at the Congress. Though I preferred the dance band (>w>)

Day 56: A song from the 'The Rolling Stone Greatest Guitarists' list.

'The Rolling Stone What' list?


The other 45 days~ )
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Day 54: A song from artist/band you'd love to see live (even if they are no more).

It would be kinda awesome to see Nickelback live, with [livejournal.com profile] slowsunrise, of course.

The other 46 days~ )
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Day 53: A feel good song.

This song. So, so much. Always cheers me up and makes me feel good. Since I got one hell of a firework inside, and of course, it's green~

The other 47 days~ )
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Day 51: A good summertime song.

This in is in Swedish, and it's so freaking good!

The lyrics translated to Swedish~! )

Day 52: Worst Christmas number one ever.

*takes random, old, Christmas number one*

The other 48 days~ )


Jul. 1st, 2011 11:25 am
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Day 50: A song you think everyone has forgotten.

Oh... Uhm... It won the Eurovision, but it's been quite dead for some time. I need to get it.

And I just love the video~<3

The other 50 days~ )
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Day 49: A song you think an artist should cover. (who should cover it?)

I think Akino Arai or Nana Mizuki should cover this song.

The other 51 days~ )


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