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Day 60: A song that has a dance that goes with it.

Oh, here we got an awesome one *w*

Day 61: I think this is the most famous song by an artist/band that I like.

kgjfkghfhgckhl, I love this song. And really, I think many people know this if someone starts singing on it. At least Swedes.

Day 62: Out of all the Christmas songs, I like this one the most.

I could have gone with the sad one, the one I think speaks the most about how Christmas has become. But this is the one i really like the most! It's a bit up-beat, still has seriousness and most importantly; HOPE!

The other 38 days~ )
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 Merry effing Christmas everyone~!

To show you all how much I love you, I'll share this video with a Swedish song about
a Christmas-ham on the run 8D

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 Some people are shitscared for spiders, others for dirt and some for heights.

I'm shitscared for high, beeping noises. So I want to kill our fire alarm right now. Not only did that sadistic machine go of like we had lit a bonfire beneath it 02:25 this morning, noooo, it's replacement has put it's life on beeping with about half a minute in between, making my nerves a complete mess. God, I hate it so much  that I'm considering using my ax on itD:

I think it steams from an alarm clock I had in middle school, it woke me with beeping for one and half a year before I got a radio. Bless CD's and morning talk shows. And curse all beeping!!! D8<

On another note, during Christmas cleaning I just found the letter Lion-tan sent me when her internet were down, the one containing the raw material for 'Russian Roulette', our collab we're gonna start on as soon as she is done with 'The Wrong Side of the Law' .w.

So get your ass moving gurl 8D

And save me from the beppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!! TT^TT
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Sadly, I don't have much of X-Mas-feelings right now... =(

But I'm working on, my stories will come out as they should, when I'm not busy cleaning, that is XD

Poor little me, me wants to write and put stuff up so that me can be happy ;_;

And I want that Christmas-feeling, Goddammit!!! Give me my Wii; OP Unlimited Cruise game, Goddammit!!!
Or just tell me something nice about my stories.

Please check out my FanFiction-user, I'm GreenSan there too (^.^)


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