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Title: It's only a game (So why are you afraid?)
Characters: Gajeel and Levy
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, nor have I created the artwork that inspired this piece of writing.
Summary: Levy has a test coming up, and her new boyfriend has just come over. What a girl to do when he starts to disturb the study-peace by playing around with her pocky?
A/N: Inspired by this artwork, and set in an AU where the cast all attends an art school. Gajeel studies sculpting with focus on metal and Levy studies writing with focus on fiction. 8D

[If someone likes this, they're free to elaborate on the AU... Even if it's barely touched upon here, and quite silly in a way. XD] )
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What the bloody fuck dude!?
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Reply and I'll give you four fandoms. Then tell us about your favorite character from each fandom (you can elaborate on the character if you wish).

The [livejournal.com profile] amelia_seyroon   gave me Bleach, Hetalia, Star Driver, Fairy Tail!

Bleach: Zaraki Kenpachi

Why? Because that man is just made of pure awesome, testosterone and madness *__* Seriously, his sword is blunt as an iron pipe, but his mere spirit makes it sharp as a razor.

Hetalia: The United Kingdom AKA England AKA Arthur Kirkland

What can I say, I'm a sucker for his relationship with his family, USA, Wales, Scotland, Wales. Just wish Hidekaz could tell us more about his brothers... TT___TT Also, I have a soft spot for tsunderes XD

Star Driver: Mizuno and Marino You

... One is the creation of the other and they're twins! I can't separate them! They are the first shoujo ai couple I remember shipping and I love their dynamic and personalities together. Sadly enough, Mizuno irritated me some times when she was with Takuto. But I can totally relate to her reaction to the Vice!

Fairy Tail: Gajeel Redfox

I started with one bad ass chara, I end with another XD God, he's made of iron, he's a Dragon Slayer who's belonged to the enemy AND he got a panther! How can I not love him!? I'm a sucker for bad turning good too, if they keep their bad ass persona *__*


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