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 So, at school we've started with florist history and tried out old ways of securing flowers in an arrangement. Since back in the old days, there were no oasis you could wet, instead you had to make do with sand, various fruits and vegetables and stuff like that.

Here's the three things I made today and yesterday, and I'm gonna make a game out of this. If you can guess what I used to secure the flowers, or what else there might be which is a little bit odd in the arrangement, I'll write you a small fic or story of your choice. I can write for Fairy Tail, Eyeyshield 21, One Pice (duh), We were like brothers, etc~

So, here's the pic!

Do YOU want a piece of your choice written by me? Come on, there's still chances to win! )


May. 22nd, 2010 12:08 pm
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Finally, I've added my friend on Msn, so now I have the pics on the bridal bouquttes!!!
The pics~ )


Apr. 22nd, 2010 09:07 pm
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Today (and yesterday) school was awesome!! All 'cause we did wedding bouquets; whichs style we got to choose completely ourselves and I got to work with really wonderful persons!

Yesterday, we had the theme 'Spring' (as in the season) and did a cone wrapped with grass and flowers in strings falling out from the opening like a waterfall... It was beautiful ;w;
Plus a basket for a bride beak, a small cone for the groom and branches lying on the table with a lot of flowers as a table decoration.

Today, me and bea teamed up once again! We did two "bouquets", one was a orange with flowers falling down from it's bottom in strings (we got a little obsessed with the fall-deal...) and a kind of nest made with cherry branches and some beautiful deep pink flowers.

I'll upload some pics as soon as she's sent them to me!!


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