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Ahoy! I've been thinking through some of my more "odd" influences, and I just want to check and see how many of my pals knows/likes them. :3

§ Elfquest

§ Bikermice from Mars

§ Beyblade

§ Transformers: Armada

§ Nordman

§ Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

§ Earth's Children

§ Looney Tunes

§ Greece mythology

I know, some might not be really odd, but it's one helluva mix as far as I can see... XD

BUT, this is what I can remember that has influenced me a lot. Elfquest was my first area for OCs and RP, KKJ my first manga and Earth's Children my first novel. Armada is the reason for my love for transforming robots and do I love motorbikes... *w* Nordman has awesome music and Looney Tunes too. Beyblade and Greece mythology is just plain awesome, 'nuff said.

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And many asked how I was and what happened, I decided to make an explanation here of what I've been up to this summer/fall.

I'm also sorry for spamming your Friends List with this, but I just needed to write it off. >.<' )
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Me and my troubles have a love-hate relation... Yeah, I actually like my troubles, because without them I would probably be HORRIBLE, even worse than I am now, a really moaning and groaning bitch. But I still hate them 'cause they are, well, troubles. Though I hate some other things more than my troubles themselves:

1. My most trusted friends have it worse than me.

2. The people a little farther away doesn't understand.

3. Strangers doesn't care.

So what's the troubles? Well, they're so fucking small that I feel like a spoilled brat if I talk about them. Since what is a PMSing dad to parents getting a divorce? What is your own raging hormones to not having a chance to work in your own country to a good salary? How can knowing that your dad will have a hard time accepting it if you got a girlfriend be on the same level as a best friend loving you and then taking suicide?

Can someone please just glue my mouth closed so I'll shut up? Sure, everyone deserves a voice, but what I have to say is so small that it doesn't deserve being mentioned...

And how hypocritical am I on a scale for putting this in an open journal?
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Title: Stranger, what are you hiding from me?
Previous chapter: Bevare of some... cold-bloodness.
Rating: K+
To: chibikankonyu
A/N: Well, a little someone needs some light on her road, so I decided to pull both her and hebi!Zoro from their little misery... I hope there was no grammar-mistakes or typos... ;^;'
Story: Hebi!Zoro is devastated. His owner, Sanji, is giving him less and less attention, and even dares to bring him the reason to it! But, what if that mosshead is bringing something good with him...?

Read more... )
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Title: Tontine
Chapter: 1/7 - Tontine
Dedicated to: Pirate At Heart
Beta: [livejournal.com profile] chibikanakonyu
Summary: Ace and Luffy spends a boring summer their uncle's place. Shakky, a bar-owner decides to entertain them with a story. A story about how a group of gangsters decides to play a game known as 'tontine' for their dreams' sake. But what is a 'tontine'...?

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It was one of those hot, lazy summer days when you could do nothing but take a bath or lie in a hammock reading magazines. The only problem was, that there was no lakes nor ocean's to bath in, and all the magazines were either "not meant for children" or about cars. Really, the exciting prospect of spending a summer at Ace's uncle had turned out sour for the freckled boy and his baby brother Luffy.

Beginning of my little dedication fan fiction with seven chapters. It'll be a mix of child!Ace and child!Luffy spending time at uncle Ray's and aunt Shakky's place, and Shakky telling them a story about a tontine some gangsters made in the 40's. A strange mix? Hell yeah it is.

But it's just to show that everything is not what it seems, the cute widdle story unfolds much darker stories with some unexpected turns. Just like people.

(I'll probably post it here, on dA and ff.net, so it's just to choose what site you prefer.)
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 FFHKJDGHLDGHL!! *re-uses what she used to show [livejournal.com profile] sweden_chan how to make letter big and colorful since it works to express her feelings*

[info]slowsunrise! Me wants ;o; So maybe me should put more work into school and not RPG so me can glomp and nuzzle and fool around with Lion-tan as much as me wants... Damn you RPG-drug! I wanna do the club-scene~! TTwTT

Yeah I'm tired, why do you ask? 8D
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Well, uhm, do you have anyone you think I should know~? 8D I promise I won't bite them! And try to tear my self from the RPG to talk to them... 'Cause I don't wanna do school work...*shoot*

Total random note! I'm not sure how many knows this, but I'm a teetotaler, I don't want to get drunk and I think alcohol tastes like shit. When I ask people why they drink, they usually tell me that they drink 'cause they like it and not 'cause they want to get drunk. (Or they just tell me that whenever I say I don't want to go to parties where there's alcohol, since it makes mer nervous... >__>')

Every time I hear that argument, I can't help but remember Holland. I was there with my class and one night we (read they, I had soda to my pizza~) went out drinking and every single one of them complained about the taste of alcohol in the drink they tried. But eh, wasn't it you guys who liked the taste of alcohol?

And before anyone argues with 'But not when it tastes only alcohol!' I just want to say, 'If you don't like the taste of alcohol and is not drinking to get drunk, then why don't you just take a non-alcoholic option...?'

End of random note.

Or not.


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1. Bring me one of your OCs.
2. Make him/her/it answer my questions truthfully~
3. Tag some other Creators at the end.

Let's get this thing going!

1. Hello there little OC, please tell me your name, age, sexual orientation and what story you come from.

2. I see, I see. Now, what do you enjoy in life?

3. Nice. In the house/apartment/forest/whatever you live in, where are your favorite spot?

4. Is there any spot you dislike?

5. Talking about living, do you live with someone? What is your relation?

6. Now, who are closest to you in the whole world? What do you like the most about them?

7. And is there anything you'd want to change about them?

8. Gosh, now we've been talking forever about that guy/gal/thing, please tell me what you like the most about yourself!

9. That IS kinda cool! But be honest now, what's your worst trait?

10. Mm, but remember that nothing is perfect. So, what do you do for a living?

11. Do you believe in God?

12. How about sex, are you still a virgin? If not, who did you lose your virginity to, your current partner?

13. If I say peanuts, what do you say?

14. Sushi?

15. What are you planning to do in the future?

16. If you could get the true answer to one question, what would you ask?

17. We’ll keep going with the random stuff some more, how do you sleep?

18. Now let’s get serious, what do you think of your Creator?

19. Is there anything you’d want to change in your story?

20. Now please tag some Creators so I can get to know some more OCs~

And of course Takeshi will be the first one to be put through the tort- er, test! )
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My best nickname for a friend is Lion-tan for [livejournal.com profile] slowsunrise, hands down. And has she embraced it or what XD

Then I have some girls I want to refer to as 'nee-san', but I don't really dare 'cause I'm afraid they'll find me irritating or so... But [info]stini_c did let the 'sensei' get to her head once upon a time!!
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Hi guys, anyone remembers that map I posted a while ago, wanting you to mark where you all live? Well, now I REALLY WANT IT TO BE FILLED!! I know that at least one of you live on the West Coast of the US, please-please tell me you are alright!

And you others, I really want to know where you are when this kind of stuff happens! TT^TT

Da Map.
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Day 4: Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.

1. The cleaning and such my parents wants me to do.
2. Forcing myself to write even if I REALLY should.
3. Brushing my teeth on weekends.
4. Tell my parents that I love them.
5. Work so I can get money (will try to fix that on Friday, though).
6. Taking better care of my own appearance.
7. Going out to meet new people at bars and such.

The other sins~ )
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My favorite male character; Hands down, Lolonoa Zoro.
My favorite female character; A bit harder, but I'll say~ Laki ^^
My least favorite character; Enel's and Spandam's lovechild...
The character that looks the most like me: ...Conis? Or! I bet there's a mermaid or amazon who looks a little like me!
The character I find the most attractive; Duh, Lolonoa Zoro XD
And three more characters that I like; Tonytony Chopper, Jimbei, Fisher Tiger 

Lolonoa Zoro; I do not drink, but I do train hard to become something! it's just that I'm training with flowers at school and he with swords on a boat...
Laki: I'm not a cool woman capable pf fighting in a war, but I do care very much about those I want to protect.
Enel's and Spandam's lovechild: I do not make people want to kill me, at least I hope so. And we have nothing in common.
Conis or random amazon/mermaid: We're both blonde and like music. Though, I can't really play anything or sing XD
Tonytony Chopper: We both get embarrassed very easily and feel a strong need to take care of those around us. I don't have a blue nose or antlers ;w;
Jimbei: I'm not a fish, but I love to hug and he looks VERY hugable.
Fisher Tiger: ... I hate slavery and racism and would help even those I hate if they were put through hell .w.

4. Finally, repost to your own journal so that I can give a series to you!

My het OTP: Kohza X Vivi
My slash OTP: Zoro X Sanji
My femslash OTP: Robin X Nami
My endgame OTP: Kohza X Vivi, Luffy X Nami
My original OTP: Kohza X Vivi
My crack OTP: Zeff X Kureha
My guilty pleasure OTP: Doflamingo X Croscodile
My anti-OTP: Luffy X Hancock

Tommorrow I might write notes on these... Please give me more fandoms, you other dudes! ;w;

(What do you think of my new Moods, btw? ;D)


Jan. 28th, 2011 01:21 pm
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So I got two memes through my new friend [livejournal.com profile] amelia_seyroon~

1. Leave a comment giving me a series (anime/manga/movies)
2. In a new post, I will tell you the following: my favorite male character, my favorite female character, my least favorite character, the character that looks the most like me, the character I find the most attractive, and three more characters that I like.
3. Then - I will tell you my similarities and dissimilarities with each character listed, and how much I think we have in common.
4. Finally, repost to your own journal so that I can give a series to you!

Name a fandom that I am familiar with and I will tell you...

My het OTP:
My slash OTP:
My femslash OTP:
My endgame OTP:
My original OTP:
My crack OTP:
My guilty pleasure OTP:
My anti-OTP
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Time is passing by,
in the small and in the big,
wherever you are from or go.

It flows like the rivers,
crashes down like the raging waves
and howls like the wind.

Behind or before,
no one can escape its grip.

In the flames we see the past flashing by,
on the earth we thread with naked feet,
as it passes all around us.

Please keep holding my hand,
the big scares me,
even if time passes by for everything.

Even for love and sadness,
it wears down the cruelest of scars,
until we can at last see the whole picture.

With you by my side,
the picture is clear as ice,
sparkling like the fireworks in the sky.

As time passes by,
even for the big and small in everything,
I only want you to keep hanging on.

When you thread this earth,
embrace the time and the world,
trust me,
my words will forever be with the wind.

I love you, my friends. Happy New Year~!
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1. YO! *throws meme-taker up into the Christmas tree* To get down from there, you must tell me your dearest memory of Christmastimes which has been!

The time I found out that I didn't only get two Christmas gifts, but that my parents had stuffed more than 20 small ones inside a aquarium! *jumps down from tree and does a ballet-jump a lá Princess Tutu and Bon-chan*

2. Now that you're down from that tree, what do you hate the most about Christmas?

The fucking, stinking and sickening commerce and stress. People, CHILL! It's not about gifts or what people think about you or how much people has spent, it's about caring for the ones you love and being together. Lack of realization of these stuff has stopped me from enjoying Christmas many times...

3. How do you feel about Christmas in general?

It's a nice holiday... Even if I prefer New Years and Christmas has become as it is, it's a shining thing for kids~ Wish I could be so blue eyed again about it .w.

4. OK. So, do you watch that show Disney made ages ago? The one with Mickey the Mouse playing an one-man orchestra and Jiminy Cricket doing the talking? What clip from that show do you feel they could remove and why? Be brutally honest.

Yeah I do, even have it on VHS from ages ago. And please, remove 'Lady and the Tramp' DX That movie is so boring, no matter how cute the meatball incident is!

5. What characters in those clips would you like to be your relatives?

Balo and Bagheera from 'The Jungle Book'! I would love having them as relatives, they would help me so much ;w; I could climb on Balo and fool around with him and he would cheer me up. Bagheera would be able to give me advices and be serious when I needed it. Damn, they're so much like my internet-friends xD

If anyone wants to make me reaaaally happy, please give me a fic with those two, slashed in human form! Balo/Bagheera FTW! Though... Transform the fat into muscle, please?

6. All this talking is making me hungry... I want some ham, what do you want?

*takes out plate* Salmon, juicy ham, brussel sprouts and prince sausage please! *noms it all down with julmust*

7. Remember that Christmas tree I threw you up in? What's the best thing you've found beneath it?

My giant teddy bear, Bamse. He's been with me for almost my whole life, I love him to bits and parts.

8. And the most shocking?

See the answer to Q1 XD My parents fooled me that I was only getting two Christmas gifts, one I thought was a game and the other some kind of giant, HARD box. Turned out they had separated an aquarium and put everything inside the glass. Mini!Maja was overjoyed 8D

9. What would you want to find beneath it?

Tickets so I can visit all my internet friends. And I mean pretty much anyone I'm a mutual friend with here on LJ ^w^

10. Can I have a Christmas hug? *puppy eyes*

*hugs self* This feels kinda sad... .w.'

11. Now, let's tag your whole Flist!

Here ya go F(riends)list! The empty meme if you don't want to erase all my answers!
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 Yes, I did another meme, so sue me! But to do that, you must take it!

1. YO! *throws meme-taker up into the Christmas tree* To get down from there, you must tell me your dearest memory of Christmastimes which has been!

(insert answer and epic way of coming down from the tree)

2. Now that you're down from that tree, what do you hate the most about Christmas?

(insert hate)

3. How do you feel about Christmas in general?

(general answer)

4. OK. So, do you watch that show Disney made ages ago? The one with Mickey the Mouse playing an one-man orchestra and Jiminy Cricket doing the talking? What clip from that show do you feel they could remove and why? Be brutally honest.

(insert brutal honesty)

5. What characters in those clips would you like to be your relatives?

(insert wished family tree)

6. All this talking is making me hungry... I want some ham, what do you want?

(insert food and eating of epicness)

7. Remember that Christmas tree I threw you up in? What's the best thing you've found beneath it?

(insert gift)

8. And the most shocking?

(insert shock)

9. What would you want to find beneath it?

(insert want)

10. Can I have a Christmas hug? *puppy eyes*

(insert eventual hug)

11. Now, let's tag your whole Flist!

(insert tagging of all friends)
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 Merry effing Christmas everyone~!

To show you all how much I love you, I'll share this video with a Swedish song about
a Christmas-ham on the run 8D

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Well... I luhv you guys, even if we can't meet eye to eye. And I lover Carola, despite her quite twisted views on homosexuality... And I thought that someone might as well put up this song with English lyrics 8D

Enjoy this silly and early X-Mas gift! (And please talk to me so I can avoid my cousin! >______<)


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