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Ahoy! I've been thinking through some of my more "odd" influences, and I just want to check and see how many of my pals knows/likes them. :3

§ Elfquest

§ Bikermice from Mars

§ Beyblade

§ Transformers: Armada

§ Nordman

§ Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

§ Earth's Children

§ Looney Tunes

§ Greece mythology

I know, some might not be really odd, but it's one helluva mix as far as I can see... XD

BUT, this is what I can remember that has influenced me a lot. Elfquest was my first area for OCs and RP, KKJ my first manga and Earth's Children my first novel. Armada is the reason for my love for transforming robots and do I love motorbikes... *w* Nordman has awesome music and Looney Tunes too. Beyblade and Greece mythology is just plain awesome, 'nuff said.

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Title: Stranger, what are you hiding from me?
Previous chapter: Bevare of some... cold-bloodness.
Rating: K+
To: chibikankonyu
A/N: Well, a little someone needs some light on her road, so I decided to pull both her and hebi!Zoro from their little misery... I hope there was no grammar-mistakes or typos... ;^;'
Story: Hebi!Zoro is devastated. His owner, Sanji, is giving him less and less attention, and even dares to bring him the reason to it! But, what if that mosshead is bringing something good with him...?

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Day 59: For a laugh, I'd like to see someone choose this song for Karaoke.

... Do I need to explain this?

And of course, it has to be the kind of karaoke where you wear a costume to the song. Of course.

The other 41 days~ )
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 FFHKJDGHLDGHL!! *re-uses what she used to show [livejournal.com profile] sweden_chan how to make letter big and colorful since it works to express her feelings*

[info]slowsunrise! Me wants ;o; So maybe me should put more work into school and not RPG so me can glomp and nuzzle and fool around with Lion-tan as much as me wants... Damn you RPG-drug! I wanna do the club-scene~! TTwTT

Yeah I'm tired, why do you ask? 8D
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1. Bring me one of your OCs.
2. Make him/her/it answer my questions truthfully~
3. Tag some other Creators at the end.

Let's get this thing going!

1. Hello there little OC, please tell me your name, age, sexual orientation and what story you come from.

2. I see, I see. Now, what do you enjoy in life?

3. Nice. In the house/apartment/forest/whatever you live in, where are your favorite spot?

4. Is there any spot you dislike?

5. Talking about living, do you live with someone? What is your relation?

6. Now, who are closest to you in the whole world? What do you like the most about them?

7. And is there anything you'd want to change about them?

8. Gosh, now we've been talking forever about that guy/gal/thing, please tell me what you like the most about yourself!

9. That IS kinda cool! But be honest now, what's your worst trait?

10. Mm, but remember that nothing is perfect. So, what do you do for a living?

11. Do you believe in God?

12. How about sex, are you still a virgin? If not, who did you lose your virginity to, your current partner?

13. If I say peanuts, what do you say?

14. Sushi?

15. What are you planning to do in the future?

16. If you could get the true answer to one question, what would you ask?

17. We’ll keep going with the random stuff some more, how do you sleep?

18. Now let’s get serious, what do you think of your Creator?

19. Is there anything you’d want to change in your story?

20. Now please tag some Creators so I can get to know some more OCs~

And of course Takeshi will be the first one to be put through the tort- er, test! )
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Think about a world, like ours. Now, make almost all the women into men and make everyone capable of reproducing both by giving birth and impregnating another "man". That is the most basic way to describe the world 'We were like brothers' are set in, a world with almost no females.

Females is a different race, and interbreeding over the races produces boys known as 'Childs', born with some kind of supernatural power, different for every Child. Though, the females are extremely rare and seen as an exotic pet by many a man. So what happens when two freelancing agents for the Government takes a mission to save a young Woman, but instead of turning it in to its owner, decides to keep it?
That is the basic story. That is how Kiba Kagami's and Takeshi Hiwatari's relationship starts to change, from being like brothers and carousing around, to realizing that their feelings for each other are going deeper than they think as they settle down for the first time in their grown-up lives.

If you would like to get to know these two, then they got facebook. Yes, I don't have a facebook for myself, but for my OC. Which is Takeshi, btw, the tsundere who never would go anywhere without his fedora. Currently, Kiba has [spoiler] ) and Takeshi is [spoilers] ). Now that LJ allowed it, I've added links to their facebooks, feel free to add them! (Especially Kiba, he's the most social one. Though, Takeshi only acts rude against Kiba...)


Jan. 28th, 2011 01:21 pm
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So I got two memes through my new friend [livejournal.com profile] amelia_seyroon~

1. Leave a comment giving me a series (anime/manga/movies)
2. In a new post, I will tell you the following: my favorite male character, my favorite female character, my least favorite character, the character that looks the most like me, the character I find the most attractive, and three more characters that I like.
3. Then - I will tell you my similarities and dissimilarities with each character listed, and how much I think we have in common.
4. Finally, repost to your own journal so that I can give a series to you!

Name a fandom that I am familiar with and I will tell you...

My het OTP:
My slash OTP:
My femslash OTP:
My endgame OTP:
My original OTP:
My crack OTP:
My guilty pleasure OTP:
My anti-OTP

Ma babehs~

Dec. 31st, 2010 11:29 am
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Me has gotten babehs! Please be good aunties and click on them so they can gro~w?

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Includes first, second and third part! )
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 Yes, I did another meme, so sue me! But to do that, you must take it!

1. YO! *throws meme-taker up into the Christmas tree* To get down from there, you must tell me your dearest memory of Christmastimes which has been!

(insert answer and epic way of coming down from the tree)

2. Now that you're down from that tree, what do you hate the most about Christmas?

(insert hate)

3. How do you feel about Christmas in general?

(general answer)

4. OK. So, do you watch that show Disney made ages ago? The one with Mickey the Mouse playing an one-man orchestra and Jiminy Cricket doing the talking? What clip from that show do you feel they could remove and why? Be brutally honest.

(insert brutal honesty)

5. What characters in those clips would you like to be your relatives?

(insert wished family tree)

6. All this talking is making me hungry... I want some ham, what do you want?

(insert food and eating of epicness)

7. Remember that Christmas tree I threw you up in? What's the best thing you've found beneath it?

(insert gift)

8. And the most shocking?

(insert shock)

9. What would you want to find beneath it?

(insert want)

10. Can I have a Christmas hug? *puppy eyes*

(insert eventual hug)

11. Now, let's tag your whole Flist!

(insert tagging of all friends)
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 In this case the sillyness became a meme. Check it, you might be tagged by two of my fav male characters~
To the sillyness! )
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I don't think I have any right whatsoever to claim this to be a Samhein (One of the greatest Wiccan festivals, if not the greatest. I don't really trust Wiki on it and I don't feel like bugging Stini with asking ^^') poem, I can only say that [livejournal.com profile] stini_c  telling me about it made me wanna write about it. And I've had this urge to write to riverdance music for some time now, so I just got down to it XD
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Is the planned title on mine and [livejournal.com profile] slowsunrise 's joint-fic >w<

Mafia, Romeo & Juliette and 'bögporr' with ZoSan and SmoAce, cause it's so us! Please wish us luck with the plotting and feel free to throw stuff at us~
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 OK! Now I'm at Lion-tan's place and it's a pretty sweet place. The house is big and the people nice, if it only didn't rain so we could bath in the SWIMMING POOL! Yes, I'm obsessed with it since I've never bathed in a private pool TT^TT

And now she teased me with Dark Sun... We're both this close to our birthday presents, so we have to really keep our eyes and hands in check. Anyhow, snajs place and snajs people, tonight we'll watch Strong World!!

Btw, am I really a hamster?


The day D!

Aug. 10th, 2010 12:03 pm
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But not as in One Piece! XD No, today is the day I leave for a week in Skåne, at the bottom of Sweden, where Lion-tan lives!

And the post office was really nice, I received her EPIC postcard the same day I leave, one day after that she has come home from Spain >w>'' Anyhow, writing and reading books are what I'll do on that train, so I'll have even more chapters ready for my release of 'These Familiar Streets', mohahaha. *glares at Lion-tan*

Sweden - Nationalist
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 I just had to make a motivational poster out of it! 8D
Don't go falling of the ship now!
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I couldn't help it! It was just too good to pass up on... And it's true, either it's cops or it's teenagers getting drunk and raped or running away from home to in the end go back home. So boring =___= 
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Give me back my heart 

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Ah, only three more days! Then it's summer vacation for me, all the way~  -sigh- Feels sooooooo good =w=

But, now over to other stuff. Life's good, can't eat yogurt to breakfast anymore for some time, though,  mom and dad will leave me home alone Thursday to Monday/Tuesday so I'll open the vacation with all-nighters on the net and I've FINALLY gone through half of my clothes. One big bag was picked out and will be given away. 

And now my tickets to [livejournal.com profile] slowsunrise  is booked! One week with one of my favorite authors, could it be anything better to look forward to during the summer!? Can't wait!

Now, a question to all of you who might read this, what part of your body do you love? I bought a new bikini yesterday, and decided that I LOVE my waist and curves >w< Even if I started to hate my narrow shins when I bought thight jeans... -sigh-

Last thing, to you who knows English well; What the fuck does 'jumping the shark' mean?


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