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"Ne, Michael~" He tried to ignore the slightly slurry and honey-coated voice as it came closer to his ear, even if he leaned away. No, no matter what he did, the girl kept leaning again him, smiling. "You're really cuuuute~ Can I touch your haaair~?"

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But I wanted to make a cross-over between at least two of my OCs, so I mixed the writer and the singer~ )
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He stared down at the glass in his hand, watching the amber liquor move around in it as he tipped the glass, barely paying attention to his friend's ranting. After all, he knew what it was all about, and it made him sigh. Lifting his tired gaze to the other's frustrated one, he spoke without much interest or support in his voice, utterly tired of all this.

"I say, just go down on her more. Or buy her jewelry, take her to fancy restaurants."

[I'm just trying to get rid of some inspiration lying around here... Damn you music! >w>] )
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More of that man from Atlantis who lives by the sea, has his brother's spirit in his mind and a habit of dressing as a woman. )


Day 55: A song from the last artist/band you did see live. (when where?)

General Knas... Just last Saturday at the Congress. Though I preferred the dance band (>w>)

Day 56: A song from the 'The Rolling Stone Greatest Guitarists' list.

'The Rolling Stone What' list?


The other 45 days~ )
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I had this idea of a man who dresses as a girl. Then it coupled with my idea of a chara who has a voice in hirs head. And with the idea of someone coming from Atlantis, the sunken city. )

Started this last week in Åre, finished it now since I just had to get it off of my chest ^^'
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This short story tells how the two characters Arashi and Chou first met. Arashi Kurogawa belong to me ([livejournal.com profile] greensan ) and Chouseki Houston belongs to [livejournal.com profile] chibikanakonyu.

Please enjoy the reading~ )

Ari, this is also your prize for guessing right on the potato 8D


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