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 You know I'd save you,
that I would take you away from there.
But my powers is weak,
my strength lying shattered on the ground.
Still no matter what,
I want to push through to you,
want to reach out to you.
So I'm torn right here,
between clasping my hands and pray,
and reach into the endless dark.
But in the end,
I choose to reach for you,
hoping that God hears me anyway.
You are my friend.
You are worth everything,
even to lose God's blessing.
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Day 97: If they made a film about my life, this would be the end credits song.

As cheesy as it is... I was going to go with 'Himlen är oskyldigt blå' (The sky is innocently blue), since I feel that it'd fit. But in the end, I don't really like what's expected. And this song just... The poetry of it speaks tons to me and I just love the girl's voice. ;w;

Day 98: I dedicate this song to a friend of mine. (who is the friend?)

... ONE!? God, I have so many people I love so, so dearly... And so many songs I want to give them! 'You are loved (Don't give up)' by Josh Groban, 'I will carry you' by Clay Aiken and 'Youn lift me up' by Cletic Woman.

But in the end I dedicate this to my oldest and dearest friend. [livejournal.com profile] sweden_chan, I'll stand by you, no matter what. Love you girl.

Day 99: Every child should listen to this song so they can learn to appreciate good music.

... Me? Good music? Oh God... XD Though, I think this one is a very good choice. :3

Day 100: I have completed 'The 100 Day Song Challenge', so for no reason I deserve to post this song, just because I can.


All the days~! )

Tonight I feel cool
tonight I feel good-looking.
I feel like partying hard,
I feel like quenching my thist.
So come one,
let's go!
I can do anything,
so I'll carry you if you're afraid.
Since back to back,
we will fight on.

^Sucky poem! 8D

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I live on the dark side of the moon;
where the eagles fly high.
I am writing melodies no one will sing;
while the poison fills my cup.
I listen to the voices of the twinkling stars;
falling deeper in love with you.
I am the daughter of the burning sun;
you are my glorious father.
One day I will travel from this place;
everyone will sing my melody.
When the eagles fall and the stars go out;
you will drink from my filled cup.
I live on the dark side of the moon;
where I rule the shadows.

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With oil black as the night,
I invite you into an enchanted forest,
stealing your emotions from your chest.

With a golden sun above us,
we can listen to stories untold,
to waves crashing against foreign coasts.

The words created by me,
do they truly leave you without feeling?
The oil and the sun I use,
can I not make you burn with them?

Simply speaking out dry sentences,
talking about useless things such as restrictions,
acting all high and mighty where you stand.

Are you blind to the winding ink?
To the darkness and light entwined over here?
Have you lost your ability to smile or rage?

My dear "teacher" at your podium,
what I create with my pen is worlds.
It is stories and legends of people's emotions,
there is nothing simple about them at all.
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Run up that hill.
Scream at the top of your lungs;
turn your tear streamed face towards that cruel sky.

I won't help you.
This pain is something you carry;
I can't and won't lift it of your chest.

Grasp that opportunity.
Hit them straight in the face;
curse and demand answers to every mystery you know.

No one but that sky!
That God who took away your happiness;
will be able to answer you.

So I'll just stand here.
Watch you tear your life to shreds;
just like your beloved did.

Cursed twins.
Are the whispers in the night;
cruel and knowing.

They'll answer you.
When you finally realize;
when you finally ask that one question.

How do I live my life?
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Rising, rising, rising.
You’re rising today again,
to look down on me.
To put the dirty and filthy on show.
Dragging the foul thoughts out,
for everyone to see the ugly secrets within.
You deepen the shadows,
turns them into oil covering everything,
makes the bad even worse in others’ eyes.
If it was your sister,
then maybe I could hide it all,
but oh no.
Dripping with disgust,
from your high place you look down on the Earth.
You love it,
don’t you?
Tearing veils apart with a grin,
you sadistic fire ball up there,
clearing up the fog which I made to fool.
Please leave.
Burn out so that your light die,
so I can hide again.
Don’t want to be dirty and filthy in their eyes.
Don’t want them to see the ugly secrets.
Don't want to be out on show for everyone to see.
Set, set, set.
Let your forgiving sister rise instead,
so that my aching scars can't be seen by anyone.
I don't need the pity,
nor the disgust.

An awesome person helped me revise this poem, is it an improvement? 
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Rising, rising, rising.
You’re rising today again,
to look down on us.
Show casting the dirty and filthy.
Dragging it out,
for everyone to see our ugly secrets.
You deepen the shadows,
make the bad even worse in others’ eyes.
Was it your sister,
then we could hide it all,
but no.
Dripping with disgust,
from your high place you look down.
You love it don’t you?
Tearing veils apart,
you sadistic fire ball up there,
clearing up the fog.
Burn out so your light die,
so we can hide again.
Don’t want to be dirty and filthy.
Don’t want them to see the ugly secrets.
Set, set, set.
Let your forgiving sister rise instead,
so my aching scars can't be seen.
Please, some feedback? Not sure about the format and so...
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Dragon's breath,
falling leaves scented with my blood,
black water on my lips.
Thirst drying my throat,
claws tearing at my flesh to make scars,
oil staining everything.
The air disappearing from my lungs,
red coloring the forever green.
Can't drink the black,
can't breath the air made of fire,
can't heal the acching scars.
Release me,
No comment... Do you have a comment?

Poem time!

Jan. 27th, 2011 08:46 pm
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May I borrow some glue?
Maybe some nails and wood too.
Since this noise is killing me.
Irritation, frustration.

The sound of the drops,
falling one by one.
Can't find the little hole.
Action, malfunction.

Since honestly,
how hard can it be for me?
To find a little hole?
Confusion, distraction.

This is draining me.
Draining all of my energy.
This little damn hole in my soul.
Stagnation, acceptation.

Note: Seriously, I hate it when i can't figure out what it that is draining my energy!

My drug

Jan. 6th, 2011 03:02 pm
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You're my drug,
my single medication.
You are my wine,
my cigarette.
The thing I'll scream for,
the addiction I can get rid of,
how come I'm not yours?
Your lips are sweet poison,
how can I know?
Never tasted them,
this need is without  a ground.
you're my best drug.

Poem dump, felt like writing it. What images does it give you, what do you think the drug is? Hint: This is written from my own heart .w.
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Time is passing by,
in the small and in the big,
wherever you are from or go.

It flows like the rivers,
crashes down like the raging waves
and howls like the wind.

Behind or before,
no one can escape its grip.

In the flames we see the past flashing by,
on the earth we thread with naked feet,
as it passes all around us.

Please keep holding my hand,
the big scares me,
even if time passes by for everything.

Even for love and sadness,
it wears down the cruelest of scars,
until we can at last see the whole picture.

With you by my side,
the picture is clear as ice,
sparkling like the fireworks in the sky.

As time passes by,
even for the big and small in everything,
I only want you to keep hanging on.

When you thread this earth,
embrace the time and the world,
trust me,
my words will forever be with the wind.

I love you, my friends. Happy New Year~!

Poem dump!

Dec. 20th, 2010 12:06 am
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No real reason, just want some opinions... )

... 's one of the few things I take pride in, please don't smash 'em with a frying pan, please?
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 So well, here you go, some rants about you people reading this and what I like to read 8D

A little pimping )

About you guys~ )

Bring me on a smooth ride~ )
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I don't think I have any right whatsoever to claim this to be a Samhein (One of the greatest Wiccan festivals, if not the greatest. I don't really trust Wiki on it and I don't feel like bugging Stini with asking ^^') poem, I can only say that [livejournal.com profile] stini_c  telling me about it made me wanna write about it. And I've had this urge to write to riverdance music for some time now, so I just got down to it XD
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... )
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A soft rhythmic sound;
My finger taps the beat.
A soft beat hammering;
My foot taps the rhythm.
A soft beat thundering;
My body moving to the rhythm.
Let the music play;
Let the rhythm thunder though my body.
Makes me free;
Makes me wild.
An addicting sound;
A seducing voice.
Threads pulling at me;
music moving me.
Give me all of you;
All of your heartbeat and rhythm.
Standing still.
Give me back my free will.
Is it just me, or was the whole world covered in thunderclouds yesterday and the day before? =/
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I think I am a dandelion...
At least I want to be like one.
no matter how many times you cut it,
rip it up,
throws rocks on it,
poison it,
chops it with an ax,
it still grows up to show you a little yellow sun.
But, ah, please don't take the sun away,
I need her comfort and warmth.
Oh, and please let the rain stay too,
when someone cries and needs me,
I grow stronger.
And, and!
Don't take my soil away,
without it I don't know who I am not where I stand.
Yes, I think I am a small dandelion...

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 Go into my ear,
be as a worm inside my skull,
eat away everything hurting me.
Eat it and spit it out,
trample it beneath your foot just for my sake.
Hold me oh so crushing close,
lift me above this crying crowd I despise,
let my tears soak your cloth.
Talk to me,
drown out all this noise in my head,
I'm going truly mad now.
I need you so.

Ah, somewhat a message to all of you wonderful persons who have listened to all of my shit and still wants contact with me... Memorial services are a bitch, especially when it's a lot of people. And the ones being mourned was murdered by a relative. Shit, I need you guys again I think ;_____;
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 Oh ma God, just bought, watched and LOVED 'Happy Feet'. Seriously, those voices, the animations... I love penguins~~~ X3

Move me baby, move me to da beat.
Shoot me baby, blast my chest out.
Leave nothing there, for someone else to steal.
I dance to only your rhythm, I'm a slave for you.
Blast it away, make me move to only you.
Make my heart beat so hard, it breaks.
Then move da bits to your rhythm.

My silence

Jun. 6th, 2010 08:45 pm
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Banished from our paradise;
I sing this bloody requiem.
Caught up in war;
I pray for those tears to ease.
Looking down at that hell;
I scream for salvation to come.
But I am never heard;
by anyone.


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