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He had once heard someone describe Kiba as a sun, and he had never found any reason to deny that statement. Only reasons to agree, as he saw the younger man smile and people flock around him, like planets in their orbits.

Though... In one of his rare philosiphal moments, he had realized that if the redhead was a sun, then he was a moon. If it hadn't been for the other, he would be even more closed than he were now. And it was a known fact that he showed the most emotions when around his former "brother" turned lover... Fuck, they were living symbols of Yin and Yang, complete opposites that complemented each other.

Snippet with view on the dynamic between Takeshi and Kiba... I guess it's because I'm a poet from the beginning that I write like this whenever I get my sudden dose of nightly inspiration?
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Coffee or tea? (If you think he got a bad temper usually, then you should see him without his morning dose of caffeine... XD)

TV or book?

Pool or beach? (Neither .w.)

Sun or rain?

Radio or iPod? (iPod for music, Radio for talk shows.)

Romance or action

Morning or evening?

Theater or cinema? (Yep, soft spot for culture.)

Meat or salad? 

Movie night or clubbing? (He's really not one for clubbing, but likes bars and poker, so in a way both.)

Alcohol or soda? (No question about it! XD)
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Well, story behind this... I've wanted to make a couple!meme for a while, so then I sat down and did it. After that, I had [livejournal.com profile] sweden_chan pull out Kiba and got this little baby rolling~ ;)
Since there really was a need for a couple/lover's meme ^^ )
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 I commisioned this awesome girl over at dA to two 'We were like brothers' pictures; Kiba's and Takeshi's latest registration photos for the Government. In my head, the photos are taken around New Year, meaning not that long after they got together and Takeshi's "birthday". I also imagine Takeshi to have hit Kiba over the head some times so he wouldn't leave any visible hickeys XD *shot*

And God, the pics are so beautiful I feel like crying and stalked [livejournal.com profile] sweden_chan on the phone TTwTT

They're SO worth their 23,26 $!! (Or, as we say in Sweden, 150 Crowns.)

(I'm wondering if I should change my icon here to Takeshi's pic when it's done... XD)
Here's the photo of the skisses. They will soon be inked~ )
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Characters Used: Arashi (original version), Sabiel, Tsuno, Celine and Takeshi.

Let's see what they say~ )

And since I'm so creative, I tag everyone who hasn't done it already~
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Coffee or tea?

TV or book?

Pool or beach? (He likes to be out in the sun and the salt is better for his dreads than the chlorine... .w.)

Sun or rain?

Radio or iPod? (He mostly got African and Brazilian or dance music on it.)

Romance or action?

Morning or evening?

Theater or cinema? (Actors usually are human and that disturbs a play for him XD)

Meat or salad?

Movie night or clubbing? (He hates to hear others thoughts but loves to dance so... Clubs usually has so high music that he can ignore the noise in his head and just move~)

Alcohol or soda?
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 But I've made an icon for Takeshi, since he pops up here sometimes~
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1. Bring me one of your OCs.
2. Make him/her/it answer my questions truthfully~
3. Tag some other Creators at the end.

Let's get this thing going!

1. Hello there little OC, please tell me your name, age, sexual orientation and what story you come from.

2. I see, I see. Now, what do you enjoy in life?

3. Nice. In the house/apartment/forest/whatever you live in, where are your favorite spot?

4. Is there any spot you dislike?

5. Talking about living, do you live with someone? What is your relation?

6. Now, who are closest to you in the whole world? What do you like the most about them?

7. And is there anything you'd want to change about them?

8. Gosh, now we've been talking forever about that guy/gal/thing, please tell me what you like the most about yourself!

9. That IS kinda cool! But be honest now, what's your worst trait?

10. Mm, but remember that nothing is perfect. So, what do you do for a living?

11. Do you believe in God?

12. How about sex, are you still a virgin? If not, who did you lose your virginity to, your current partner?

13. If I say peanuts, what do you say?

14. Sushi?

15. What are you planning to do in the future?

16. If you could get the true answer to one question, what would you ask?

17. We’ll keep going with the random stuff some more, how do you sleep?

18. Now let’s get serious, what do you think of your Creator?

19. Is there anything you’d want to change in your story?

20. Now please tag some Creators so I can get to know some more OCs~

And of course Takeshi will be the first one to be put through the tort- er, test! )
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Think about a world, like ours. Now, make almost all the women into men and make everyone capable of reproducing both by giving birth and impregnating another "man". That is the most basic way to describe the world 'We were like brothers' are set in, a world with almost no females.

Females is a different race, and interbreeding over the races produces boys known as 'Childs', born with some kind of supernatural power, different for every Child. Though, the females are extremely rare and seen as an exotic pet by many a man. So what happens when two freelancing agents for the Government takes a mission to save a young Woman, but instead of turning it in to its owner, decides to keep it?
That is the basic story. That is how Kiba Kagami's and Takeshi Hiwatari's relationship starts to change, from being like brothers and carousing around, to realizing that their feelings for each other are going deeper than they think as they settle down for the first time in their grown-up lives.

If you would like to get to know these two, then they got facebook. Yes, I don't have a facebook for myself, but for my OC. Which is Takeshi, btw, the tsundere who never would go anywhere without his fedora. Currently, Kiba has [spoiler] ) and Takeshi is [spoilers] ). Now that LJ allowed it, I've added links to their facebooks, feel free to add them! (Especially Kiba, he's the most social one. Though, Takeshi only acts rude against Kiba...)


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