poet_at_heart: Comes from dA. (summer and winter)

I live on the dark side of the moon.

So sorry for the randomness.

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Birthdate:May 10
Website:My ff-account
Hello, I'm Green-san!
I'm random, loud, loving, emotional, hateful against those hurting people I love and I always do my best. My sexuality is bi, I fall in love with touch and personality, not body.

In my journal you'll find my life. My ups and downs, my love and hate, my poems, fics and rants.

About the fics, I'm into many fandoms, currently throwing myself into Simoun and Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto. But One Piece is my big love, along with Fairy Tail, Sousei no Aquarion and Eyeshield 21. Yes, I have a very strange and mixed taste XD

Other favs of mine include (with no particular order other than my memory):

* Revolutionary Girl Utena (anime and movie)
* Soul Eater (both manga and anime)
* Princess Ai
* Durara!! (anime)
* The World God Only Knows (manga)
* Toriko (manga)
* Bleach (both manga and anime)
* Bartender (manga)
* Junjou Romantica (both manga and anime)
* Maiden Rose (manga)
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