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 You know I'd save you,
that I would take you away from there.
But my powers is weak,
my strength lying shattered on the ground.
Still no matter what,
I want to push through to you,
want to reach out to you.
So I'm torn right here,
between clasping my hands and pray,
and reach into the endless dark.
But in the end,
I choose to reach for you,
hoping that God hears me anyway.
You are my friend.
You are worth everything,
even to lose God's blessing.
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"Ne, Michael~" He tried to ignore the slightly slurry and honey-coated voice as it came closer to his ear, even if he leaned away. No, no matter what he did, the girl kept leaning again him, smiling. "You're really cuuuute~ Can I touch your haaair~?"

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Title: It's only a game (So why are you afraid?)
Characters: Gajeel and Levy
Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail, nor have I created the artwork that inspired this piece of writing.
Summary: Levy has a test coming up, and her new boyfriend has just come over. What a girl to do when he starts to disturb the study-peace by playing around with her pocky?
A/N: Inspired by this artwork, and set in an AU where the cast all attends an art school. Gajeel studies sculpting with focus on metal and Levy studies writing with focus on fiction. 8D

[If someone likes this, they're free to elaborate on the AU... Even if it's barely touched upon here, and quite silly in a way. XD] )
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A'just made me a new userpic out of a chilling Pantherlily!

Also, you guys rock.
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Ahoy! I've been thinking through some of my more "odd" influences, and I just want to check and see how many of my pals knows/likes them. :3

§ Elfquest

§ Bikermice from Mars

§ Beyblade

§ Transformers: Armada

§ Nordman

§ Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne

§ Earth's Children

§ Looney Tunes

§ Greece mythology

I know, some might not be really odd, but it's one helluva mix as far as I can see... XD

BUT, this is what I can remember that has influenced me a lot. Elfquest was my first area for OCs and RP, KKJ my first manga and Earth's Children my first novel. Armada is the reason for my love for transforming robots and do I love motorbikes... *w* Nordman has awesome music and Looney Tunes too. Beyblade and Greece mythology is just plain awesome, 'nuff said.

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But I wanted to make a cross-over between at least two of my OCs, so I mixed the writer and the singer~ )
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And many asked how I was and what happened, I decided to make an explanation here of what I've been up to this summer/fall.

I'm also sorry for spamming your Friends List with this, but I just needed to write it off. >.<' )
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He stared down at the glass in his hand, watching the amber liquor move around in it as he tipped the glass, barely paying attention to his friend's ranting. After all, he knew what it was all about, and it made him sigh. Lifting his tired gaze to the other's frustrated one, he spoke without much interest or support in his voice, utterly tired of all this.

"I say, just go down on her more. Or buy her jewelry, take her to fancy restaurants."

[I'm just trying to get rid of some inspiration lying around here... Damn you music! >w>] )
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LiveJournal Username
What's your motive?
Where will you carry out your plans from?
Weapon of choice?
Your right hand mandragon5174
Top Assassinthe_tox
Just stands there and laughs evillyastridmyrna
Your inside source for the governmentvtm577
Mad scientist that you recruited to design weaponscolor2theworld
Backs out of the dealthe_tox
How much does this end up costing?$98,103,334
% of the world taken over successfully:
This Fun Quiz created by 0l1v14 at BlogQuiz.Net
Car Videos uploaded daily at Car-Videos.Biz

No wonder it turns out expensive if my top assassin drops out! And where is Kana ans Ari!? DX

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1. Bring me one of your OCs.
2. Make him/her/it answer my questions truthfully~
3. Tag some other Creators at the end.

I hope I'll get him across~

Since it's time for Michael~<3 )
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Right now it's definitely Floristic. That, along with Swedish, Psychology and Art was my favorite classes during High School.
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Your result for The Golden Compass Daemon Test...

The Honest Soul.

You are a talkative, open kind of person. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and you trust people not to break it. In a way, you are as honest and trusting as a child. You are comfortable with who you are and have a strong sense of self, but you are also a little sensitive. Hurtful remarks, especially from people whose opinion you value, have the power to wound you terribly.

You tend to be open about your thoughts and opinions, and you find it difficult to hide your emotions from people. You like to share your thoughts, opinions, and emotions with people, and to hear theirs in return. When someone disagrees with you or offends you, you will take them up on it, whether they are friends or strangers. You don't mind a friendly debate, but become upset when things get hostile. You wish that people wouldn't take everything so personally, but simply think calmly about things.

You have a close knit group of friends and family for whom you would sacrifice almost anything. You don't like big parties full of strangers - you would rather spend your time with the people whom you really care about. You need a private spot where you can retreat when the world gets to be too much, but you want to be able to emerge from your "den" and find your loved ones there to heap love and affection upon you.

Your daemon would represent your loving, open nature, and he or she would probably spend a lot of time encouraging you to be independent and to do the right thing.

Suggested forms: Dog, Otter, Marmoset, Saw-Whet Owl, Songbird, Chinchilla. 

Take The Golden Compass Daemon Test at HelloQuizzy

Well, dang, this feels like it fits.. ^///^'
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What the bloody fuck dude!?
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I guess there must be something wrong with my body/looks then, since everyone keeps telling me I'm such a nice, funny and loveable person.

Please excuse me, just pondering on why it seems like I can't find someone to connect with on a romantic level. Right now I'm in that deep valley where you wonder if anyone will ever put a 'girl' before the 'friend' when talking about you. The place where you think that you'll never find someone because it didn't work out this time either.

And I better kick my ass and get out of it soon, since I'm tired of crying. And I have good friends who're here for me. I should be satisfied with that, since it's more than I've ever had. Somewhere out there it's someone waiting for me, someone who'll kiss my tears away instead of just drying them. Someone who'll love to hold me, and tell me that in a sweet whisper. Someone who'll stomach all these complains I'm spewing out.

Sorry, I'll try and go to sleep now. I just want to move on...

(In case you're wondering, then it's just that I'm just pretty sure now that the guy I'm interested in isn't interested back. And it's not that good for my self-love.)
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... And I've realized that I want to be buried/burned in the autumn. To have an autumn funeral would be really nice, actually, since it is the time when the earth goes to rest.

This is also why I just changed my LJ-layout, since I don't feel like dying just yet. =P
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Depends on how you see it, since we've known each other our whole lives. Though, we got really tight when we were around 11, I think.

I <3 you, [livejournal.com profile] sweden_chan~

The other two I got just within two years range now, [livejournal.com profile] slowsunriseand [livejournal.com profile] chibikanakonyu~


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