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The room was spacious, the sunlight falling in gently through curtains of thin fabric, coloring it in gentle green hues that played over white sheets on the bed. When he breathed in, the young boy who lied on the soft cushion felt the scent of warm vanilla fill him and make him almost a little sleepy, his head resting on his tanned forearms. He sighted a little as he felt a soft hand stroke over his long hair, playing gently with the dark curls as a just as soft voice spoke to him.

"Ne, Arashi, shouldn't you go meet your father now...?"

"I don't want to..." He knew it was a lie that he spoke (just as much as his denial over pouting), since he wanted to meet his father very much. Who he didn't want to meet was his dad's husband, who also had came home from France...

"Don't be silly now, dear, I know you two have missed each other a lot." There was an almost audible smile in the light voice, which made him hide his face in his arms, squinting his clear-gray eyes shut. He knew he couldn't lie to this person... And that he shouldn't lie at all.

"Mother... You know Nouru scares me..." His voice was small, shaken, as he mumbled deep into the cushion of the pillow he was lying on. Though even if he hid that way, he didn't fight it as slender hands with long nails sneaked under his armpits, and carefully lifted him into a sitting position. He especially didn't fight as he was pulled into an embrace and the scent of vanilla grew stronger as he instead buried his face in soft fabrics and skin.

"I know baby, I know..." The hand that returned to stroking his hair, gently to not agitate but instead sooth the hiding child. "But your father has missed you a lot, and we both know that... So maybe you should go say 'hi' to him in his office? Nouru won't be there, I'm sure of it."

Still smiling softly, the woman let a pale hand slip forward, and cup her son's chin so he looked up instead. Though, she almost had to fight to keep smiling, since the look in those gray eyes that betrayed that this child knew more than most grown-ups pained her greatly. This "gift" of her son's was her greatest regret...

"Are you sure...?" When those big eyes looked up at her with a begging look, though, she smiled bigger, her own gray eyes twinkling with warmth and love as she nodded.

"Yes, I am sure. Now..." Carefully letting go of the boy, she pushed him a little against the edge of the bed, indicating that he should leave. "Scurry along, and give him a hug from me too, please?"

"Of course!" He looked up at the Woman with an almost frightened and shocked expression, as if that was obvious that he would. Though, then he started to scoot towards the edge of the bed, only to jump down from it and look up at the white clad figure sitting there again. "I'll come back tomorrow, I promise."

When she heard that, her smile grew a little sadder, since there was nothing she wanted more than to have her child with her all the time. But instead of voicing that thought, and worry the child even more, she just nodded. "And I promise that I'll be here waiting for you."

While watching the boy pad over to the heavy door and ring the bell there so it'd be opened from the outside, she reached up and pulled a lock of her own brown hair behind her ear. There was pain and joy mixed in her chest, as she watched her son leave, since she didn't want him to be caged like herself. But at the same time, she knew there was a lot of pain awaiting him out there, pain no child should have to bear.

So when the door fell closed behind his leaving figure, she looked up to the window where the sunlight fell in through green fabric, a prayer in the shape of a song rising from her lips. There was not much she could do for him, but she did what she could. Held him when it became too much, prayed for him to any god she knew of. Since she loved her dear child very much...

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