Feb. 14th, 2011

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So, I picked up a meme from the pretty cool [info]amelia_seyroon I'll be doing it on the regular days, not weekends. Cause: I'm almost never online on weekends XD

DAY 1: 10 things about you:

1. I'm on a florist education on the third year and is planning to do the last semester this fall to get excellence.
2. I have never done drugs.
3. I don't smoke or drink and is active in the UNF (The Youth's Sobriety Association)
4. I write poems.
5. I totally suck at remembering names IRL and get confused when people change icons on LJ.
6. High pitched noises makes me almost panic.
7. If you want to feed me, feed me chocolate, strawberries or chips with only salt.
8. I'm a scout.
9. I believe in God in my own way.
10. I'm right-handed, though sometimes I wish I was ambidextrous.

The other days. )
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Rising, rising, rising.
You’re rising today again,
to look down on me.
To put the dirty and filthy on show.
Dragging the foul thoughts out,
for everyone to see the ugly secrets within.
You deepen the shadows,
turns them into oil covering everything,
makes the bad even worse in others’ eyes.
If it was your sister,
then maybe I could hide it all,
but oh no.
Dripping with disgust,
from your high place you look down on the Earth.
You love it,
don’t you?
Tearing veils apart with a grin,
you sadistic fire ball up there,
clearing up the fog which I made to fool.
Please leave.
Burn out so that your light die,
so I can hide again.
Don’t want to be dirty and filthy in their eyes.
Don’t want them to see the ugly secrets.
Don't want to be out on show for everyone to see.
Set, set, set.
Let your forgiving sister rise instead,
so that my aching scars can't be seen by anyone.
I don't need the pity,
nor the disgust.

An awesome person helped me revise this poem, is it an improvement? 


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