Jul. 23rd, 2011

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Let me tell you a little story that took place about two and a half year ago, during my first year in High School, in the computer class. Those leesongs were very relaxed for me, since I already knew what the teacher were teaching or learnt it very quickly. I by default ended those classes with reading the latest manga...

One of those classes, by cellphone suddenly started ringing and the teacher got irritated, of course, but I answered it. It was my dad. Who told me that my mom was at the hospital, but it wasn't life threatening. She just had cyst about 10 cm wide on her ovarian. Just.

(Anyhow, that's the reason to why I always carry my cellphone with me on vibration. If only the damn thing could vibrate a little more when I get a text.)

Now, why do I tell this? 'Cause my mom isn't in the best of shapes again, and I'm going away to the other end of the country for two weeks with little chance of getting home in case something happens. And couple that with what recently happened in Norway and that the Camp I'm going to is the biggest in the world...

It's only natural for me to be worried, right? Especially when I don't even know what I'll be doing as an IST and I only know two others there.


Day 72: A song from a soap star turned singer, you'd think no-one else will post. (Don't cheat by scrolling through previous posts).

A song from a what?

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