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Day 95: A song you think would be hardest to learn to play on an instrument.

I guess this one could be advanced...? *never thought about it*

Day 96: How funny would it be if they played this in service station toilets.

Mm, it would be interesting indeed. >w>

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It's quite interesting... I don't think anyone will think that I'm an educated florist, that my favorite buildings in town is the library, museum and church and that I have huge interest in comics and Asia. At least not when I walk through town dressed in a black biker jacket, brown/green cargo pants and my regular cap...

Seriously, the only give away for anything with popular culture is my pink umbrella. Otherwise, I have no damn idea what to say, I can't find any relation between my looks and my interests. Writing, reading and poetry maybe, but just maybe.

If you'd see me at town, would you believe it was me as you know me?

Day 33: A really short song.

I always think this song is so damn short... Though, I really love it~

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Well, uhm, do you have anyone you think I should know~? 8D I promise I won't bite them! And try to tear my self from the RPG to talk to them... 'Cause I don't wanna do school work...*shoot*

Total random note! I'm not sure how many knows this, but I'm a teetotaler, I don't want to get drunk and I think alcohol tastes like shit. When I ask people why they drink, they usually tell me that they drink 'cause they like it and not 'cause they want to get drunk. (Or they just tell me that whenever I say I don't want to go to parties where there's alcohol, since it makes mer nervous... >__>')

Every time I hear that argument, I can't help but remember Holland. I was there with my class and one night we (read they, I had soda to my pizza~) went out drinking and every single one of them complained about the taste of alcohol in the drink they tried. But eh, wasn't it you guys who liked the taste of alcohol?

And before anyone argues with 'But not when it tastes only alcohol!' I just want to say, 'If you don't like the taste of alcohol and is not drinking to get drunk, then why don't you just take a non-alcoholic option...?'

End of random note.

Or not.


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Hello my dear friends~! Through the shittyness I got a writing exercise from my English teacher! So I squeezed out some of my (at the moment) very strange energy and managed to write this. The deal was to write a letter to someone who is not from Sweden and TELL THEM about Sweden.

I did and now I would like to ask, could you guys who are not from Sweden read it through and tell me what you think? *makes biiiiig puppy eyes*
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My comp has decided to fuck up and I have to send it so someone who can fix it, hopefully it won't cost too much nor erase all my data. For example the chapter of 'these familiar streets' I was supposed to upload today...

Please pray with me that the insurance covers it and I'll get my compie back soon and healthy.
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So, school has started again and I'm now on my third year in... High school, isn't it? (It's called 'gymnasiet' here, btw >w>) And one of the things which is remarkable for this year is the 'Project', basically, you choose something to do anad then write a report on what you did.

I've choosen to (drums please) write a book! The story is basically outdone in my head but I need to do a manusrcipt, but it is set in a world with almost only "men", "females" are so unusual that words like she, her and even girl do not exist. But why do I tell YOU GUYS this? Well, even if I have some chapters already written on 'These Familiar Streets', I sometimes might not be able to upload every second week.

But that is just a maybe, I might as well be able to write everything really fast!

And, hopefully, I'll be able to get this book published before [livejournal.com profile] slowsunrise  gets her book published! Mohaha!


May. 22nd, 2010 12:08 pm
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Finally, I've added my friend on Msn, so now I have the pics on the bridal bouquttes!!!
The pics~ )


Apr. 22nd, 2010 09:07 pm
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Today (and yesterday) school was awesome!! All 'cause we did wedding bouquets; whichs style we got to choose completely ourselves and I got to work with really wonderful persons!

Yesterday, we had the theme 'Spring' (as in the season) and did a cone wrapped with grass and flowers in strings falling out from the opening like a waterfall... It was beautiful ;w;
Plus a basket for a bride beak, a small cone for the groom and branches lying on the table with a lot of flowers as a table decoration.

Today, me and bea teamed up once again! We did two "bouquets", one was a orange with flowers falling down from it's bottom in strings (we got a little obsessed with the fall-deal...) and a kind of nest made with cherry branches and some beautiful deep pink flowers.

I'll upload some pics as soon as she's sent them to me!!

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... Research is killing me!! F*cking impossible almost to find those damn shrines Wiki speaks off!
Does anyone here know stuff about Kyoto? Then please tell me TT____TT

Other than that, it's only the fact that my neck is killing me too and that I can't be with A-chan today which makes this day suck. Since this is the first day of Spring Break!! >w<
Time to chill and write and hang out with people in the eter =w=d

My life...

Jan. 12th, 2010 03:46 pm
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... is not really nice to me right now. School has started again, and it sucks all the energy out of me!
Can't find the strength to write right now, my brain needs to process all the data from school and don't really have time to think about my stories >x<' But I have small pieces ready, it's mostly the words which needs to come.

So I'll start co-work soon, with school and stories! Just needs to get used to it again ^^'


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